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  1.France 法国

  PreservativeAvoid asking about preservatives in France; youll probably be met with strange looks. It means condomin France.


  French Letter: Dont say french letter unlike in other nations of the world, it simply means a condom in France.

  French Letter:不像在世界其他国家,在法国不要说french letter(法国的信)这个词,在法语中这个词就是“避孕套”的意思。

  Bra: Do you sell luxury underwear? Whilst you and I might initially understand the word to mean a garment that covers the breasts, if youre in France your French colleagues might think youre selling arms. Literal



  2.Norway 挪威

  Pick: If youre visiting Norway, dont use the word pick. Your Norwegian colleague is unlikely to be impressed it means dickover there.


  Fitter: Does your business specialise in fitness products? Be mindful that in Norway, the word fitterrefers to a womans genitals.



  3.Turkey 土耳其

  Peach: Going to Turkey? Avoid asking for a peach in the supermarket or anywhere else for that matter. It means bastardin Turkish.


  4.Germany 德国

  Gift: Never look a gift horse in the mouth, were told; perhaps more so in Germany where the word means poison.


  Latte: In Germany, latte doesnt mean the frothy, milky concoction you get from your local Starbucks. It means erect penisin some German quarters.



  5.Korea 韩国

  Salsa: Out for a Mexican in Korea? Its probably best not to ask for salsa: it means diarrhoeain Korean.




  Speed: Try not to talk about speed when in the company of others in Sweden. It means fart.


  Bump: If youve had the misfortune of a bump on your car, note that the word bumpin Swedish means dump.


  Speed bump: Put the above two words together and you have the phrase speed bump, which in Swedish means fart dump.

  Speed bump:把上面两个词连一起,就是speed bump(减速带),在瑞典语中的意思是“放屁倒垃圾”。

  Kiss: If you ask your Swedish host or hostess for a kiss, they might very well direct you to the toilets. In Swedish, the word means pee.



  7.Portugal 葡萄牙

  Pay Day: If youre in Portugal, refrain from singing with happiness that its pay day. No one will be impressed. In Portuguese it means I farted.

  Pay Day:如果你在葡萄牙,不要听到pay day(发薪水的日子)就开心得不得了,别人不会对你有好印象的,在葡萄牙语中,pay day 的意思是“我放屁了”。

  Exquisite: Extend a compliment to your Portuguese host by describing something belonging to them as exquisiteand you might be met with askance looks: esquisitoin Portuguese means weird.



  8.Hungary 匈牙利

  Cookie: If youre visiting Hungary, whether on business or for pleasure, avoid asking for a cookie. It means small penisin Hungarian.



  9.Japan 日本

  Jerry: Its perhaps a little late for Ben & Jerrys ice cream, but if youre in Japan, avoid using the word it means diarrhoeaover there.



  10.Italy 意大利

  Tremendous: Refrain from boasting about the tremendous prices you offer your clients. In this country, tremendois the word for terrible.

  Tremendous:避免吹嘘你给客户报的价格是tremendous prices(高昂的价格),在这个国家里,tremendo是“糟糕”的意思。


  11.Netherlands 荷兰

  Bill: Asking for the bill might raise a few guffaws in the Netherlands: billmeans buttocksthere.


  Lager: It might confuse your Dutch colleagues if you were to ask for a lagerwhen having a few drinks with them after work. Lager means storagein Dutch.



  12.Spain 西班牙

  Cool: The word cool is too close for comfort to the Spanish word culo'; a crude term for bum. Best avoided.


  So be careful when you make use of these words during communication so as not to get lost with contrary meaning and interpretation.