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# Don't argue

# 不要争论

Never try to argue. The only thing that you might achieve if you win an argument is that the other person will hate you in the end. Talk shit behind your back. Backstab you. Or what not. Too complicated..


# Don't do things you don't like

# 不要做你不喜欢的事情

Whenever you do things you don't like, you will start to hate yourself a bit more. You will hate yourself for not being consistent. For doing things you know that you don't want to be doing. Another stress layer right there..


# Do less

# 少做

This is one of the hardest things. Especially for me. I'm doing too many things at the time. In itself, doing many different things to figure out what works and what doesn't isn't that bad.


It's actually quite good. But at some point you need to let go of the things that don't work and focus on the things that work. And that's the hardest part.


At least for me. I always try to make everything work. And if you always try to make everything work, you'll usually end up with nothing working at all.


# Get rid of complicated things

# 摒弃复杂的事物

There are many complicated things in life. Complicated relationships, complicated jobs, complicated whatever. What all of these things do is that they steal our focus.


They add an additional stress layer to our lives and take over some of our brain's bandwidth. Bandwidth we desperately need to navigate in this crazy and complex world.


# Surround yourself with old people

# 和老人待在一起

Being around old people is awesome. There is probably no better way to decelerate your life. Old people are the incarnation of deceleration. And if you hang out with old people long enough, maybe you'll be able to pick up some of their wisdom.


# Go for walks

# 去步行

Going for a walk, looking around and enjoying nature is the best way to get rid of all the clutter in your brain. I try to go for at least one walk every day for at least twenty minutes. Going for walks will ultimately give your brain space to breathe. Time to recover and time to solve complex problems.


# Read books, not blogs

# 读书,而不是博客

Blogs consist of way too much information for our brains to process. Blogs usually leave out the story our brains need. Our brains need a story to remember things.


Don't believe me? Try it. What parts of this blog post do you remember? Probably none. All that blogs do is that they clutter our brains with useless information we forget immediately after we read them. A waste of time..



There are a number of personal traits which all of us should develop in our earlier life. Lady Gaga visited Google a while ago to talk with Marissa Mayer (now President & CEO of Yahoo), to share with Googlers her believing in herself.

我们应该在年轻的时期多发展个人特质。前不久,Lady Gaga到访谷歌,跟Marissa Mayer(雅虎现任总裁兼首席执行官)交谈,与谷歌人分享她的自信秘籍。



"I wanted to be what they (fans) are searching for" ~Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga说:“我想成为歌迷心中找寻的样子。”

Everyone needs to cultivate a purpose in life. 'That is why I am still here, and why I work so hard. I really am very blessed to have fans with such a beautiful spirit. I see something so fearless and so special in my fans.


I also see something afraid, something that is unsure. I really encourage people to look into the darkness, and into the places you would not normally look into, because that’s where the diamonds are hiding'.


'Don’t hide yourself and regret, don’t perpetuate negativity in your life, don’t obsess about things you didn’t do, or things you may have not done your best with. Obsess about the future, obsess about today and think endlessly about how you can pull the inner queen or king out of yourself. Let the super-self shine. Fame is inside of you, so always look into yourself for the answer and be the best you, you can be in the future'.




“Stay in school” ~Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga:“像是待在学校里一样。”

Train and develop your unique skills. 'Respect good old faithful (you). I am creative and the most important thing with creativity is that you honor your creativity, and that you don’t ever ignore it or go against what that creative image is telling you just because of what society is projecting on you'.


'I have continuously developed my skills (a song writer, co-producer etc.) I am a classically trained jazz musician and also I vocally rehearse every single day (30 minute warm-up).


It has been the same vocal warm-up that I have been doing since I was 11 years old. My mentor Don Warren has been my voice teacher since I was 11. Piano, always stays with you, if you practice for a while and then focus it comes back. With piano I try to do shows and jazz sessions with my band just for fun'.


'When you say, I'm too tired and I want to go to bed, the creativity stops coming. When god calls, you pick up the phone'.




"I go on stage dead or alive" ~Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga:“我会永远留在舞台。”

Never stop trying and working hard. 'I was never the winner, I was always the loser, and that still stays with me, and I don't want to stick it to anybody. I just want to make music.


Very often people make jokes about my diet because they know I have to stay fit for music videos. I don’t go out after the show and get plastered, I am very disciplined and hard working'.


'As a blond woman, I am very proud of my musical accomplishments. Women in pop music have a very bad rap, and people have learned to expect very little from us. This is very unfair and prejudice. I am very proud to be in music. Many people think that you became a star overnight, but to tell you the truth, I have been working so hard'.




'It took a lot of bravery to get to where we are today' Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga:能走到今天,我们花了多少勇气啊!

Take care of your body and mind. 'I am very into Yoga. It is the only thing that I feel I can do really bad, and nobody knows. I take comfort in the journey of becoming good at Yoga, just me'.


'I love cooking, I am a really good cook, I love spending time with my mom and listening to the music. I don’t want to focus on anything negative, there are always things in your life you can do without. I have got a really good family, and we worked hard, and because of that we are stronger than ever'.


'A lot of people see glasses and shoulder pads and crazy outfits. Over the years it was very difficult because that was all that people would talk about. Fame is difficult if you screw up, Google is there. I am doing wonderful now because of how brave all of my fans have made me, thank you for making me brave and I hope I can make you brave'.




"If you don’t have any shadows, you’re not standing in the light" ~Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga: “如果你看不到阴暗,说明你没站在光明里。”

'I say that to myself every day. I am not a squeaky clean person, and my fans are not squeaky clean. If you are magical, you always have shadows. If you are in the light, you must cast a shadow'.